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Is Salman Khan’s popularity a slap on our face?

Is Salman Khan’s popularity a slap on our face?
June 23
02:46 2016
    By making Salman Khan popular are we accepting that MONEY and POWER are more important than talent or owning up to your mistakes ?? Isnt  being a decent human being is different than “BEING HUMAN”’????

  • We consider ourselves intelligent but defend comments comparing “being raped” to a “grueling filming schedule”. Its 2016,shouldn’t we expect our men to be more SENSITIVE than making  comments like that?? This lack of respect for women is not just a “PR issue”, its deep seated misogyny which has made India one of the most unsafe countries in the world for women.
  • It disturbs us but we still accept if a drunk driver kills another human being and gets away with it. Shouldn’t we as a society DEMAND a cultural and legal system that is better than that?
  • Can we really accept killing an endangered species for FUN as “just a mistake”??
  • In today’s movies and even some Salman Khan movies harassment, stalking and slapping passes on as romance these days, are we so blind that we cannot see that? Are we not sensitive enough to understand that??

Salman Khan’s popularity raises these and many more issues, isn’t it time for us to think and understand what kind of world are we passing on to the next generation- Food for thought….

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