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Tips to lose weight after the festivities

Tips to lose weight after the festivities
November 08
05:22 2015

Whether you blame it on those extra helpings of Mom’s samose, scarfing too many gulab jamuns, overindulging in your grandmother’s kheer or you simply ate the ample gifted mithai so that you can avoid wastage of food (wink wink !!), most people tend to gain a bit of weight during the Diwali festivities. Though at the moment it may seem like much but if ignored the weight gain accumulates little by little. Here are some tips for you to get back on track right away.

Healthy Breakfast

It is very important to have a health breakfast to drop those holiday pounds. In 2002, there was a study published in “Obesity Research” which found a common factor among participants who lost a minimum of 30 pounds and kept it off for more than twelve months: 78% ate breakfast every day. According to Harvard Medical School, our breakfast should contain at least 6 grams of fiber in order to lose weight and prevent chronic diseases.

Go easy on the dinner

Try to cut down on your dinner calories and avoid overeating for your evening meal. Try to have dinner a minimum of 2 hours before sleeping. It is also a good idea to reduce carbs/ sugars in your evening meal. Hence skip fruit/dessert and control the portions for roti/rice/bread/pasta/any other carbs. It is also good idea to have some protein in your diet as protein also helps you feel full for long. Find out about some easily available protein rich options in your kitchen here.

Get moving

It’s a well-known fact that you need to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. However, if you do not have much to lose, just clean eating along with some added physical activity could do wonders. If you have not exercised much ever, you can start by simply walking at an easy pace. Consult your doctor before starting any exercise regime. Even 30 minutes of exercise everyday offers several health benefits, however, according to Mayo clinic, to lose weight you need about 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise or 150 to 300 minutes of moderate exercise per week. Find out about some simple at home exercises here.

Beware of crash diets

Be wary of crash diets which are a popular trend these days. This is because crash diets tend to further slowdown the metabolism and can lead to further weight gain in the long run. Weight loss in a sustainable manner is much better than fast weight loss. Fiber-Rich Foods Try to bulk up your meals with healthy, fiber-rich foods such as low sugar fruits, vegetables, whole grains, daal and nuts. These foods make you feel full sooner -- a sensation you most likely got accustomed to during the festive season – they also offer the most nutrients without a heavy caloric impact. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends that you should fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables, increasing your whole grain intake to at least 50% of your total grain intake and increasing of beans, peas and lentils in your diet for weight loss. Get your headspace right If you want to lose those festive weight and keep it off permanently, try to think of weight loss as a long-term lifestyle choice. Achieving weight loss – as well as better overall fitness -- includes mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. You need to realize that the process does not happen overnight. Keep yourself motivated by engaging some supportive friends or your family in your efforts. Good Luck!!  

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