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Tips for Parents Who Travel for Work

Tips for Parents Who Travel for Work
May 06
12:19 2015

With the world having shrunk into a global village, travelling to or for sake of work has become an inevitable fact of life for many parents. That said, leaving behind your child every time you need to embark on a business trip could be a heart rending experience for both parties, often leading you to question the logic underlying your journey.

One of reasons as to why frequent travelling poses challenges for the parent is because it does not facilitate any of the duties that are associated with traditional parenting, like reading stories, spending quality time with the child and so on. As a result, children feel neglected and grow to establish a link between travelling and loneliness. This is where parenting tips play an important role – because these are based on psychological findings, they provide assistance not just in preparing your child mentally and emotionally to face the situation but making the best of it.

Of course, before you put any of these tips into practice, you need to be convinced yourself about the importance of travelling. This is best done by weighing the pros of travelling vis-à-vis a non-travelling alternative. Some of the parameters that you could use to conduct the comparison are professional satisfaction and growth, monetary concerns and the immediate fall-out of your decision on your family, especially children. Not only should you be convinced about the need to travel for the sake of work but your aides too and only when this condition is met will parenting tips truly have a positive impact.

For your child to embrace your travelling schedule without being perturbed, preparation would have to take place in two phases namely during the days leading up to the travel and then after you embark on your journey. To this effect, steps which you must take prior to leaving for the trip entail –

Informing everyone at home about the impending journey – The best way of going about this is to have everyone seated together and then mark the dates of travel on a calendar. Next it is time to take stock of other events concerning children before or after the date so that your duties are cut-out and can be dispensed with one by one.

Holding an open discussion – Rather than sneaking out of the house to avoid facing tears, you must initiate discussions pertaining to your trip so that your child can express himself/herself without any reservations. On your part as a parent, you must seize the opportunity to help them identify their emotions, innermost fears and insecurities and help them cultivate become resilient and strong. Teaching yoga and meditation also helps since most of the exercises aim towards achievement of internal calm through deep breathing and are simple enough to be performed by children.

Spending quality time with children – By setting aside a particular time of the day wherein you and your child would be engrossed in some activity or play sport, you will succeed in generating an entire treasure chest of precious memories which will more than make up for your absence.

Thanks to the technological advancements that have marked communication, it is possible to keep in touch with your loved ones without spending a fortune. So why not use the facility in the following ways –

Reading – No matter where in the world you might be, your child’s reading habit need not be compromised courtesy of phone or chat. Just by hearing your voice, your child will rest assured that he is loved and wanted by his parent even though they might be far apart.

Conversing as frequently as possible – You must make it a point to speak to your child at least once a day wherein the conversation should revolve around the day’s events or topics that take the conversation further.

Buying gifts – It is now possible to show your children from a thousand miles away what you intend buying for them and seek their opinion on other aspects of shopping. In this way, your child would feel involved in decision making. However, make sure that you do not overcompensate with gifts to make up for your time away. It is paramount that you make quality time to spend with your children when you are not travelling.

As a parent who is away frequently, it is imperative for you to be cognizant of your duties as also respect the fact that any decision taken in your absence should be respected instead of being questioned or challenged. Enjoying a good understanding with the adult at home in charge of the child is also a must since it implies that you can then travel without being overly concerned about what might be happening to your child at home.

All it takes is persistence and patience on your part to ensure that your child evolves into a resilient human being who is confident of handling himself and accepts your work-travel plans as a part of life.

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