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Signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Signs and symptoms of pregnancy
June 17
12:43 2013

10 early signs of pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms differ from pregnancy to pregnancy and from woman to woman. However, here are some of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. You may experience some of these symptoms or none of these because every woman is different and not all women will notice all these symptoms.

  • Missed period: It is one of the most significant pregnancy symptoms. If generally, your periods are quite regular and your period doesn’t start on time, then taking a pregnancy test can help find out the reason for the delay. However, if your periods are usually irregular or you lose track of your periods then you may not realize that you have missed your period. In such instances, noticing other signs and symptoms can help.
  • Spotting: At around 8-12 days after ovulation, you may notice slight spotting. Some women notice light spotting, around this time when the embryo gets implanted in the uterus. So, if you have had very light period (pinkish or brownish in color, not red like regular period) this month, you might be carrying a little one inside you.
  • Nausea with or without vomiting:Nausea or vomiting normally referred to as morning sickness during pregnancy can be a sign that you are pregnant. Some women start feeling sick as early as 3 weeks after conception, while some women do not feel any nausea.
  • Fatigue: Several women feel tired early in pregnancy. During early pregnancy, levels of hormone progesterone rises, which can make you feel sleepy. Fatigue is one of the first signs of pregnancy.
  • Breast changes: It is another early sign of pregnancy. After conception,the level of woman’s hormones changes rapidly. The pregnancy hormones, increases the blood supply to your breasts, which can make your breasts sore, swollen or tingly. They may also feel fuller, heavier,or tender to touch. The areola- the area around the nipples may also darken.
  • Frequent urination: If you feel the need to urinate more often than usual, then it might be a sign of pregnancy. During pregnancy body produces extra fluids, which has your bladder working overtime;also your uterus presses directly on the bladder, both these can lead to more frequent urination.
  • Cravings: When you are pregnant, you might notice food issues that were not there earlier. You may have a strong desire to eat certain foods such as ice creams or pickles or any other. Food cravings are common and can be chalked up to hormonal changes.
  • Mood swings: Many women experience emotional mood swings throughout the pregnancy, which is due to hormonal changes.
  • Constipation: Hormonal changes can slow down your digestive system, which can lead to constipation.
  • Dizziness or fainting: This is another go-to symptom Bollywood movies use to signify pregnancy, but it is based on reality. Low blood pressure or blood sugar can make you feel dizzy. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated and eat enough and right.

If you notice all, or even some of these mentioned signs and symptoms then taking a pregnancy test is highly advised. Pregnancy tests are freely available at the chemist shops and doctors usually use the same tests.
This will help you take measures and prepare yourself to welcome a new member in your family.

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