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Potty training: Things to consider

Potty training: Things to consider
June 17
12:43 2013

Potty training your toddler can feel daunting, but at some point, you have to say bye-bye to diapers. Generally, the best time to potty train, your kid is before he or she starts going to school. In addition, there are number of things that you should take in to consideration when thinking about giving potty training to your toddler.

Access your child’s readiness for training

Your cousin or neighbor probably claims that they potty trained their toddlers at nine months, but they also claim that their kids were talking when they were about five months old or ate a complete meal when they were of six weeks, so don’t worry improperly about your own toddler. Parents generally think about training when their child is between 18 months and three years old. Although, it is easier to train your child when he or she is older, training them at the correct age understanding their signs is more apt technique.

Signs your child might be ready

They have bladder control

Toilet training is much easier with kids who are aged two and upwards. If you are trying to train a child under 18 months then it is nearly impossible, because the muscle outlets of the bladder and bowel are not under his or her control. Remember there is a huge difference in how quickly kids are trained. Genetics also play a vital role, delay in getting bladder and bowel control runs in families. In addition, girls get bladder control more quickly as compared to boys.

They can differentiate between a poor a wee

At around 18 months toddlers generally know they are opening their bowels and look what they are doing with high concentration. They might also tell you that they have done a wee or a poo or they may signal to change their nappies. Some other signs include if he or she wees while nappies are off and gaze what they have done, also signifies that your toddler is starting to link the outcome with the reason.

They show interest in the toilet or potty

If your child indicates that he or she would like to use the toilet or potty himself or herself then it is a sign that you should think about giving potty training. May be in early days they won’t produce anything, but continue this role play as it will assist them in getting acquainted with the toilet or potty.

Things to consider when giving potty training:

  • If you think your tot might be ready to give potty training a try, there are certain things that you should consider before you actually get started:
  • Is your child in good health: if your kid is teething and is in really miserable condition then there is no point starting potty training. Start potty training when they are in their good health and enthusiastic to learn new things.
  • What season is it: Generally it is believed that summers are the great time to start potty training, when your tot can roam around in nappy and he or she can see what they are producing. Also, summers means your additional laundry and wet rugs will be able to dry easily and quality.
  • How much time it will take to give potty training: Toilet training is not something that you can teach in a day; it may take weeks or may be months to train your tot to your toilet or potty when they feel the need to wee or poo. The time highly varies from a child to another.

Introduce a potty in a fun way

What type of potty you buy, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you don’t introduce it as something dirty. Also adult toilets seem horrible to tots, they fear that they’ll fall in to them and get flushed away. Gradually you can train them to use adult toilets and that too try with a trainer seat over a big toilet.

Starting potty training:

Explain what you are doing:

  • It is important to make them understand that what they are doing. Brief your child but in a fun way. Ensure they know what is the plan. You can try explaining them that they are a big boy/girl and from now on they will have to use toilet when they feel the need to wee or poo.
  • Promote regular potty visits: For the Initial days, your may have to make your tot sit on the potty every hour or so. Promote your tot to use the potty after they wake up. Make sure that this is the first thing that you make your tot do in the morning. But this won’t work if your tot wakes up irritated.
  • Try giving perks: When your baby manages to do a wee or poo in the potty, give them nice perks to encourage him or her. You can give sweets, chocolates, stickers, or nice treat of what they like. Don’t get over excited or bribe too much, furthermore, once they are trained and get used to use a potty, you can drop the bribe and your tot won’t even realize it.

We hope you will find these potty training tips extremely helpful in training your tot to use potty and come out of diapers.

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