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Most common fertility myths

Most common fertility myths
June 17
12:43 2013

10 common fertility myths busted

  • A healthy menstrual cycle is 28 days: Every woman is different;hence, every menstrual cycle is different. Menstrual cycle can actually vary from 21 days to 35days. Contraceptive pills can be held responsible for this myth. The pill is designed to manipulate a woman’s menstrual cycle to be exact28 days.However, this can differ immensely for women who have never been on these pills or have stopped using it.
  • Periods are regular, so you can’t have any fertility issues: Regular periods are a good thing, but they don’t reflect that you are fertile. Even with regular periods, you can have number of issues including but not limited to: endometriosis, fibroids, PID or pelvic inflammatory disease. Numbers of other reasons that can cause in fertility are male factors such as quality and quantity of sperm and more. All these factors don’t affect your menstrual cycle. A woman with regular menstrual cycle can have any of these infertility issues which can delay or prevent pregnancy.
  • Men don’t have infertility problems: Although it is generally believed that infertility is women’s problem, it has nothing to do with the facts. Equal number of infertility problems in men can be traced. If a man has low sperm count or poor morphology or poor motility, all these can affect the ability of the sperm to fertilize the egg.
  • Pills reduce fertility: There are no proofs available that can suggest that regular use of birth control pills affect future fertility. Birth control pills remain in a woman’s system for around 24 hours at a time and can never affect body’s ability to reproduce.
  • Women can’t get pregnant from sex during their period: A woman can get pregnant from sex during her periods if she has an early ovulation and has sex on 5th day or later of her cycle. However, in general, a woman cannot get pregnant during her periods because the hormonal levels that stimulate ovulation are extremely opposite during that time.
  • Vaginal secretion shows an infection: Vaginal secretion is something that all women at some point notice on their underwear. The lack of knowledge or it being an un discussed biological phenomenon they often considerit a sign of any infection or medical problem. However, if you also experience itching, or rashes or sorenessthen consulting your doctor is advised.
  • Stress causes infertility: Although, stress can delay ovulation by suppressing hormones, it has nothing to do with a couple’s ability to conceive. The penetration of sperm in the egg is not affected by normal stress. On the other hand, if stress is affecting your ability to plan sex then the case is completely different. Moreover, when suffering from severe stress consulting your doctor might help.
  • You could get cancer from fertility treatments: This has always been a topic of debate but National Institutes of Health suggests that there is no association between the two. Various treatments including the ones that assist in ovulation like clom id and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) do not notably increases a woman’s chances of developing breast or any other cancers.
  • You will have twins or triplets if you do IVF: This is so not true. Twin or triplet pregnancy generally occurs when two or three or more embryos are transferred. It is vital to choose a doctor who understands IVF and follow guidelines to limit the number of embryos transferred. In very rare cases –only 1%,there are chances of multiple pregnancy even when one embryo is transferred. One embryo may split into two, which can result in conceiving identical twins.
  • You need to exercise and eat better to get pregnant: When planning to conceive eating right and taking up light exercises is recommended but this doesn’t necessarily mean that this will get you get pregnant. If there is any other reason than obesity for delayed pregnancy then an effective treatment is required.

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