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Maternity wear guide: What to wear and what not to wear

Maternity wear guide: What to wear and what not to wear
September 10
12:35 2014

Earlier when women used to get pregnant, dressing was not a very big trouble “saree” being the universal dress of India. In addition, women used to spend most of their time at home especially when pregnant, but now the scenario has dramatically changed. Women are now performing various roles; they are managing their personal and professional lives efficiently. In such instances, deciding what to wear when pregnant has become extremely daunting.

You not only have to try and find dresses that complement your appearance but also make sure they are extremely comfortable. There are quite a few things that you have to and you should consider when buying maternity clothes. Remember the dress that is looking extremely catchy and stunning on the hanger, might not look so good on you. Or may be its material is itchy or it rides your bump up and down. You should try and spend in pregnancy dresses that are stylish and comfortable at the same time. Another important maternity fashion rule is extremely important matter of support. As you expand and grow, supportive clothing will become  essential.

Here are some maternity fashion rules that you should keep in mind when buying your maternity wear:


It is the most significant thing to get in place when buying maternity wear. If you buy clothes that are ill-fitting, or are too itchy or in simple terms are uncomfortable then you won’t wear them. Be practical and try to control the temptations. Don’t buy stuff that looks good when you are 3 months pregnant and prove to be of no good use when you are six months pregnant.


Remember, you will grow and that too speedily, especially during the third trimester when your baby is busy bulking up and preparing for birth. To avoid buying new dresses every trimester opt for adjustable dresses like the ones that have waist bands. Skirts and trousers with adjustable waist bands, lowers with lycra added stretchy panels and tops with adjustable straps or built-in support can be great investment. You can also opt for easy access tops that will make breastfeeding after birth of your baby easier.


Materials like lycra, pure or organic cotton and bamboo will make sure a good long-term wear throughout your pregnancy and even after. Hard wearing fabrics that wash and wear well will serve you nicely throughout your nine months.

Softness of fabric:

Many women experience itchy skin as their bump expands, which makes stretchable and soft clothing even more important. Opt for soft clothes that can provide comfort and support without irritating your skin. Try to avoid synthetic fabrics like viscose, polyester, and nylon, rather go for organic fabrics as they are more softer.


For your maternity clothes that are easy to wear and practical can be a great choice. Long sleeved tops and stretchy t-shirts can be worn over skirts or jeans and they also prove to be maximum wear.

What not to do:
Forget your way of dressing:

you already know what looks good on you and pregnancy can’t be the reason to change that. You can always keep in mind that what type of dresses will look good on you and you can easily find stylish and comfortable alternatives in the similar style that will make you feel more confident during pregnancy and afterwards.

Buy too baggy or tight clothes: Don’t buy too loose or too tight clothes. Remember maternity wear is very smartly designed with band, lots of flexible material and layering that will enable you to wear them very easily and comfortably throughout your pregnancy and even afterwards. Just buy what you usually buy; all you can do is, try them before buying.

Ignore styles, colors, and fabrics:

If you are looking for smart dresses for workplace, skirts, plain tops and trousers can make a nice choice. White, black, and pale colors can be adjusted to suit almost any occasion. Always go for styles that suit you and fabrics that wash, stretch and wear well.


Good maternity wear to spend in:

A great fitting maternity bra:

A bra that offers great support is necessary for pregnancy-not only to support your changing breast size but also to guarantee healthy functioning of the milk glands. Studies show that properly supported breasts have better circulation and the lymphatic system functions properly. Therefore, it is advised to avoid poorly fitted and under-wired bras during pregnancy.

Bumpbands: They are available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes and are considered as the most popular maternity basics. During first trimester you can wear it over your denims with the top button undone or put it over skirt in the second and third trimesters to offer additional support.

A nice pair of maternity denims:

Huge variety of maternity denims are available in the market in all types of sizes, shapes, cuts and leg lengths. Generally, they are cut low under the bump with an elastic band on the top for additional stretch, versatility and comfort for your growing bump. It is generally advised to buy your usual waist size.

Vests: Stretchy bump hugging vests are pleasing for the pregnant ladies as they can easily cling to your beautiful bump and augment your best assets. They are perfect for all seasons, you can wear them in winter under your jumpsuit or in summer under a kaftan top.

Casual tops:

Smocks and wrap tops, low cut V-necks are comfortable for pregnancy, suitable for your bump and double up as a nice breastfeeding tops once baby is delivered. Opt for fabrics that are stretchy so they can easily stretch over your bump and get back in normal shape once the baby is delivered.

Smart top or dress for evening outings:

It is nice to get pampered during pregnancy and plenty of gorgeous dresses are available that will best help you accentuate your pregnant figure. Try a Grecian dress or wrap to boost your bump and enhance your cleavage.

So, if you are going for maternity wear shopping or you think soon you will need maternity wear, then keep these tips in mind and look extremely stylish, sexy and gorgeous  during your pregnancy and also feel comfortable at the same time.

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