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Your manual for formula milk

Your manual for formula milk
September 09
09:09 2014

For working moms, it becomes difficult to breastfeed their kids. As a result, they have to rely on formula milk, so that their kids have their food ready even when they are not around. But, it can be daunting to decide that how much formula milk you should give your child every day. And it can’t be answered with particular amount. It completely depends on the age, weight and what else you are feeding him/her.
Here are few points that will help you decide how much formula milk you can give your baby.

How to find out when your baby is hungry:

Baby’s appetite remains unstable, especially in first few weeks. He or she will take some time to set the pace. You have to feed your baby, as many times as he or she feels hungry, for that you have to learn to understand his cues that can show that he/she is hungry, so that you can respond accordingly.

Generally, when babies are hungry they start crying or they start rooting. Some kids also make sucking actions. As soon as you notice these signs, give your baby his/her bottle of formula milk. By responding to your baby’s feeding signs, you can make feeding a lot easier for both of you.

While feeding, it is also important to spot the signs that his or her tummy is full. Some of the signs that can indicate that he or she is full are resting or slowing down.

What quantity of formula would be sufficient for him or her:

If your baby is just on liquid diet, there here is a rough guide that you can use to decide how much formula to give.

Every day your baby will need between 150 ml and 200 ml of formula/kg of his or her body weight. So, if weight of your baby is, 4 kg then he or she will need between 600 ml and 800 ml of formula over a 24 hour period to suffice his or her hunger. However, during the first week, he/she may want less than this, because his/her tummy size will be small.

Remember that don’t stick to these measurements, because just like adults even babies appetite differs with each meal, so your baby isn’t going to have same amount of formula in every feed. So, if your baby has left some milk in the bottle, don’t force him or her to finish a bottle.

As your baby will grow, how his/her feeding will change:

As already said, that how much formula your baby needs, depends on his weight as well as age, therefore here is a very rough month-by-month guide to assist you decide how much formula to give your bundle of you:

For the first few weeks, 60 ml and 70 ml of formula at each feed could be enough. Due to small size of his/her tummy, managing more than this won’t be possible for him/her for one time.

When your baby’s between 2 weeks to 2 months, your baby is more likely to need between 75 ml and 105 ml at each feed. In one day he/she can consume somewhere around 450 ml- 735 ml in one day.

From around 2 months and 6 months, you may have to offer between 105 ml and 210 ml in one go.
Once your baby is about 6 months, he may want between 210 ml and 240 ml in one go. His/her total formula consumption may be approx 900 ml a day.

Once you will start offering solid foods to your baby, his daily consumption of formula milk can probably reduce to about 600 ml.

Once he or she gets completely established on solid foods, your baby will need about 600 ml of formula every day, along with a varied diet. Nevertheless, all babies are different, so no need to worry if you baby consumes a little more or little less.

Once your baby is one year old, you can switch formula milk with full fat cow’s milk.

Keep in mind, these are just rough guidelines, therefore understanding your baby’s cue is significant and worry not, that you will learn gradually. You can also consult your doctor for the same.

When formula milk should be replaced with solids:

When you start giving your baby solid foods at somewhere about 6 months, he/she won’t be eating a variety of foods, that can provide him/her all the nutrients he/she needs. Therefore, it is vital to continue giving your baby formula milk until he/she is one year old.

For six months, you can also give your baby vitamin supplements, especially if he or she drinks less than 500 ml a day.

Consulting your doctor can also help you decide how much formula milk you should give your baby.

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