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The makeup dos and don’ts that will make you look more appealing

The makeup dos and don’ts that will make you look more appealing
December 10
12:31 2014

Women just love makeup and there is nothing wrong in applying some mascara and eyeliner to make your eyes look more talkative or apply lipstick to get a naughty look, after all, all these products are available in the market to enhance the beauty of females. However, using skin friendly cosmetic products and in a right way is very important.

When we say ‘right way’ we don’t mean that apply eyeliner on eyes and not use it as a lip liner but what we mean to say is, applying it in a right way depending on the shape and size of your eyes is very important. Here are some make up dos and don’ts that every woman should keep in mind always, when applying makeup and getting ready for a party or an outing.

Makeup Dos:

Choosing a foundation matching your skin tone in really important. A lot of women make terrible mistakes when choosing foundation for themselves. A tone lighter and a tone darker both can make you look disastrous. Therefore, when buying a foundation, remember to test it right there. Buy a foundation that best matches your skin tone. When applying foundation, remember to apply it from your cheek down past your jaw. Whether or not applying foundation on your neck, make sure that your face and neck are evenly toned.

Applying foundation on your eyelids to the eyebrows is also very important. This will make applying eyeshadows smoother and easier as well as help covering any redness, giving your full face a smooth and even look.
Use matching makeup colors. Think of your lipstick and blush as an outfit for your face. Say, if you are wearing a red lip color, ensure your blush also belongs to the similar color family. Don’t apply several different colors on your face at a time.

When applying eyeliner, try to keep it as close to the lash as possible. A charcoal brown, grey, soft black are some shades that can amazingly boost your eyelashes and frame your eyes. Make sure there is no blank space between the lashes; apply eyeliner in between the lashes properly. You can use magnifying mirror to achieve desired results. If your eyelids’ out corners have started to droop, ensure the eyeliner turns up a little, so you do not emphasize the drooping.

When getting ready for lunch party or for hours of daylight, it is recommended to use a softer color as compared to the one you will be using for upper lash line. Lining your eyes completely in black is a great look for evening or night parties.

You can also use powder eyeshadow as eyeliner. Apply it dry or wet with a fine tip brush.

Do define and shade your eyes. The basic purpose of eyeshadow is to boost your eye area and not coloring. It is advised not to apply eyeshadow color that matches your eye-color. Blue eyes and blue eyeshadow can overdramatize your look. Shades of brown (which are available in ample) all the way to black allow for a wonderful range of glamorous, classic, elegant and sophisticated look.

Considering the amount of blush with the skin tone is also essential. For fair to light skin, shades like rose, pale pink, peach blush shades etc. can look more pleasing as compared to plum shades, deep berry which can make your cheek look bruised. On the other hand, for women with medium to tan skin tones, shades like berry or plum hued are recommended. Shades like mahogany or russet can also give a gorgeous look.

Use professional brushes for applying makeup for better results. You will be surprised to look how mesmerizing your makeup looks when you apply it will full-size, best quality brushes rather than cheap and tiny applicators. A nice set of brushes is one of the smartest beauty investments.

Do check your makeup in a magnifying mirror. It will help you fix even the minute mistakes that can easily enhance your look. For example, folds around your mouth and fine lines around your eyes. Any mirror of 4X or higher magnification can help.

Makeup Don’ts:

Don’t wear heavy or complete makeup every day. It is not required to wear a full eye makeup every day, keep it simple for routine. Concealer, foundation, lipstick, eyebrow shapers, blush, mascara are too much. Eyeshadow is amazing, but it is requires time and patience to apply eyeshadow and if you will try to apply it in few minutes in the morning then it might be a bad idea.

Don’t use greasy concealers/emollient on blotch or around the eyes. Emollient products will either slip into lines or clog pores all day long.

Don’t use a concealer that is too dark or light. Using the wrong color concealer will make you eye look awkward. Use a skin-tone concealer (no orange, yellow or lavender tones) that is not more than a shade or two lighter than your foundation.

Don’t skip lip color. Applying a pop of color to your lips can light up a simple, plain face. Try out to see what colors and how much amount look great on you, if required to come out of your comfort zone, don’t be afraid. If you have fuller, larger lips then softer shades can best enhance your beauty, on the other hand, brighter, vivid colors will look best on thin lips.

Don’t go over the top with mascara. Thicket mascara can be disturbing and messy looking.

Don’t streak on blush. Use a nice brush for applying blush, choose light color and apply it with light hand. You should not see stripe of where the blush starts and stops. Try to blend a little powder to diminish any lines.
Don’t do too much to your eyebrows. Brows that are pencil-thin or drawn-on, highly arched or overly sparse or too thick or heavy can make you look elderly. In addition, they can look dated and harsh. You can take growing techniques from brow specialist on how to give your brow a right shape.

Don’t dab on lip gloss. Way too much gloss can give it a drooling look rather than giving a gorgeous look to your lips. Avoid slick, glossy or creamy lipsticks if you have lines around your mouth because they will easily bleed into the fine lines.

Don’t over moisturize your eye area. Too much moisturizer boosts concealers and foundations to move into the lines that you are trying to conceal. Use lighter weight products during daytime. If you feel the need to apply extra emollient moisturizer near your eyes then apply it at night after removing the makeup.

Don’t get carried away with shine and glitter. A little extra glitter and shine can give a nice boost to your evening look, but for daytime, it can be distracting. Number of “radiance boosting: cosmetics are available that abstain from that obvious distracting shine in favor of a delicate luminosity.

So, next time when applying makeup for office or a daytime get together or night party, make sure you keep these makeup dos and don’ts in mind and get just perfect look for the occasion.

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