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How to teach your kid about stranger without scaring him/her

How to teach your kid about stranger without scaring him/her
June 17
12:43 2013

The increased cases of abduction and other crimes, especially related to young kids, it has become extremely difficult for Indian parents to decide how to raise their child. In addition, when your kid first steps out of the house all alone for his/her preschool or nursery the tension increases even more. If your sweetheart is soon be going to preschool, then it is extremely important that you teach him/her about various conditions that may happen and especially make him/her acquainted with strangers and family.

Teaching them about strangers becomes even more important when your kid is extremely friendly and doesn’t hesitate to get too involved even with people he/she meets for the first time. However, remember that you make them cautious and smart instead of scaring them about the worst that can happen when you are not with them. Teach them basic safety and how to deal with strangers.

Basic steps to start talking about your preschooler about strangers:

Start by explaining basic safety:

Before you start talking about strangers with your preschooler, start by discussing general safety. Teach them to stay close to you when you go out and hold your hands when in crowded markets. Tell them how this will help them have more fun and enjoy the outing.

Teach him/her about good touch and bad touch:

Children at this age are too young to understand who is touching them with right intension and who are touching with wrong intension. Therefore, it is important to make them understand that it is okay if someone gently pulls their cheeks but if they try to touch their private parts then it is wrong behavior, and if someone tries doing that, then it is essential to complain about them to you or their teacher. They are too young to learn the name of their genitals but by giving them practical knowledge, using a doll or teddy you can make them understand.

Introduce the concept of strangers:

Generally, a kid is ready to study about strangers by the age of four. Make him/her understand that a stranger is anybody he/she is seeing for the first time; every unknown face is a stranger. You can give examples of a particular day- a woman in the park, a man at the mall etc. Don’t scare them or give an impression that strangers means bad guys, but teach him/her to maintain distance from unknown people.

Teach how to deal with strangers:

Teach some tricks and ideas on how to deal with strangers. Give your preschooler a set of rules to follow when you are not around, “If you lose me in the store, go to the billing counter and tell the person standing on the other side of the counter that you are lost, don’t move from there until I come and get you.” Tell your child that if a stranger approaches him/her, he/she should directly go to the person who is taking care of him/her.

Point out some known faces your child can trust: Besides family members, give a few examples of people he/she can go to for help, such as policeman or teacher. Also explain to him/her how she can recognize a person who works in a supermarket or a mall.

Avoid frightening statements:

To ensure that they understand what you are trying to explain, you may want to give some warnings about how a stranger could take him/her away from you forever. Don’t use such statements, or it will senselessly scare your child. Your child might get so scared that he/she refuses to step out of the house or even their room.

Keep repeating yourself whenever you get a chance: Preschoolers learn through repetition, so keep repeating the rules whenever you are going out.

How to answer your kid’s questions about strangers:

“Is Anushka’s mom a stranger?”
Defining who can be trusted is very important. You can do this by case-by-case basis, as while Anushka’s mom is a family friend, the delivery boy is not.

“What if a stranger gives something to eat?”
Teach your child not to take anything from anyone he or she doesn’t know. Teach them how to gently refuse and go to the person who is taking care of him/her.

“What if someone tries to take me away?”
Teach your child that if at all someone tries to take you with him/her, start shouting for help and state loudly that you want to go to your mom or pa.

Teach your child how to find you: Make sure that you make your child learn, his or her full name, your name, address and at least one telephone number.

Give your preschooler a card to carry: Furthermore, you could give her a card to carry in his pocket or her bag that has all the contact details.

We hope you will find these ideas really helpful in making your child smart about the strangers.

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