FAQ- Site usage

1. I forgot my username and/or password. What should I do?

Answer :- Go to forward password, then you will get the option of writing Email id and then you will get the password or reset password confirmation on your email.

2.  How do I update my profile or change my email address?

Answer :- Login to Forum -> Go to User Control Panel  ->Go to Left Side Bar-> Go to Edit Profile option and update , you will get the option for email address there.write the current email id and new email id which you want to give and then update it.

3. Can I change my username?

Answer:- Login to Forum -> Go to User Control Panel Go to Left Site Bar-> Two Options (1. Change Username, 2. Change Password), if you want to change your username, then go to the change username option and write the current username and new username which you want to give and then update it.

4. If I register on this website, will I start receiving lot of spam?

Answer :- As a Moderator ,you can get the Spam, but as a New user, you will not going to get Spam.

5. How will I receive my answer when I “Ask the doctor”?

Answer :-You will be contacted via the email address provided and your question along with the answer will also be published anonymously in the “Ask the doctor” segment of the forums.

6. How long will it take to receive a reply if I have submitted a question via “Ask the doctor”?

Answer :-We endeavour to reply in 3 to 4 working days. It can be a little more depending on the number of requests. If you are seeking urgent medical advice we would request to consult your physician.

FAQ- General

Q.1 How to use pregnancy calculator?

Answer :- pregnancy calculator is a very simple to use tool. You just have to fill details of your Last Menstrual Period. This tool will help you find an approximate date when your baby will beborn and under which astrological sign. As well as tell you approximate date when the conception took place and what you can expect in coming weeks and months.

Q.2. What is ovulation calculator?

Answer :- Ovulation calculator helps you know the most fertile days of each month. By finding your most fertile periodyou can increase your chances of conception. You just need first day of your last menstrual period to find out when you are ovulating.

Q.3. How authentic is the information available on this site?

Answer :- The information provided on this site is well researched and accurate to our knowledge. You can certainly use the information provided, but it is written in very general terms. As a result, consulting your doctor is also advised.

Q.4 I forgot when was my Last Menstrual Period but I suspect I’m pregnant, what to do?

Answer :-  You can either take a home pregnancy test, using home pregnancy test kitor consult your doctor to find out.

Q.5 I am three months pregnant but there are no signs of morning sickness, should I worry?

Answer :-  No, it is perfectly fine to have a healthypregnancy without any signs of nausea or vomiting or other signs of morning sickness. So there is nothing to be worried about.

Q.6 How can I find out whether I am expecting a boy or a girl?

Answer :-  There is simply no way except sonography to find out the gender of the baby. Well, you should not think about whether it will be a boy or a girl, just take good careof yourself so as to ensure that you deliver a healthy baby.