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Common Pregnancy myths

Common Pregnancy myths
June 17
12:43 2013

10 common myths about pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special time for every woman. But there are many more challenges as well. A woman is so gullible when she is pregnant, that whatever she comes across she believes and may start behaving accordingly. There are various things that have long been associated with pregnancy about what she must do, what she must not do and how her actions are going to affect her child. Some things have been around for long, and they are now considered to be established facts. Every pregnant woman believes them and implements them in her lifestyle.

Here we will be discussing top 10 things that are now considered facts and however are not.

Shape of woman’s stomach can help predict the baby’s gender.

If a woman is carrying high, then in by all chances she is carrying a girl, on the other hand if she is carrying low, then it is a boy. A mom to be may be “carrying high” just because the baby is large, not because it is a girl. On the contrary low “carrying low” suggests that the baby just dropped lower in to the pelvis because you are closer to delivery. Some other things that are believed to be helpful in predicting baby’s gender includes,the way how your face looks and the proportion in which you gain weight. If your face looks rounder, then it is a girl and if you gain weight on your rear end then it is a boy. However, please don’t start doing the baby’s shopping based on this.

Lot of heart burn indicates your baby will have lot of hair.

During pregnancy heartburn is common. Heartburn happen because the stomach is pushed higher by the expanding uterus and the growing baby. The pregnancy hormones also make the lower valve of the oesophagus loose making it easier for acid to spill over in oesophagus. It makes it easier for acid to move backwards from the stomach to lower oesophagus. Acid causes irritation and discomfort we feel in the form of heartburn. Consulting your doctor may help ease out the irritation and discomfort.

Don’t take a bath (in a bathtub) when pregnant.

This is a common myth as it is believed that when you will take bath in a tub during pregnancy, the dirty water can reach the baby. However your uterus is sealed by a mucus plug, which protects your baby, so the water can’t go in.Just make sure that the water is not too hot.It is also advised to stay away from saunas and steam rooms as well as hot tubs.Your baby will be dirty, if you don’t eat a lot of fruit during pregnancy

Fruits are healthy and eating fruits during pregnancy can provide minerals and vitamins that are vital for your baby’s development. But even it is a fact, that babies are dirty when they are born and there is no way preventing it. Newborns are covered with a cheesy, white substance called vernix caseosa. This works as a protective shield when they float in the amniotic fluid in your womb.

Spicy food induces labor, so avoid spicy foods.

Like all other established myths,even this one has no scientific relation. Labor is triggered by biological signals. Even though, eating healthy, right and well-balanced diet is important but there is no proof that spicy food can trigger labor before you are ready.

Avoid sex during pregnancy, to keep your unborn child safe.

There is no recommendation to avoid intercourse during pregnancy..Cervix produces mucus to keep the area infection free and clean.Having sex should not t harm your baby. In some cases, when pregnancy is complicated by pre- term labor, bleeding,or other problems, doctor suggests not to have sex. Moreover, you can consult your doctor to be assured.

Pregnant women should eat for two.

A pregnant woman only needs 300 extra calories when carrying a baby. So, technically you should eat for about one and a fifth rather than doubling your diet.

You are more likely to go in a labor when the moon is full or weather is stormy.

As already discussed, that labor is triggered by a complex series of biological and hormonal signals, there is again no evidence showing connection between atmospheric conditions and labor. So don’t rush to hospital when the moon is full or weather is stormy until and unless you actually feel labor pain.

Bigger baby is a better baby.

The average baby weighs about 6-7.5 lbs. Much bigger babies are more likely to suffer from obesity or diabetes in later life. Bigger baby might indicate that mother suffered gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

Stretch marks can be prevented by baby oil.

This is very much a myth as stretch marks are caused by expanding skin and if skin of abdomen expands to a certain level then there will be stretch marks. It can be reduced if less weight is put on in pregnancy.

So, stop predicting the gender of your baby or worry so much about,what you should do and what you must avoid to ensure well-being and great health of your baby. Just make sure that you always stay in contact with your doctor.

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