Boy Name O

Indian baby names or hindu boy names with letter O

Obalesh = Lord Shiva

Ohas = Praise
Ojal = bright
Ojas = lustre
Ojayit = Courageous
Om = sacred syllable used in Hindu prayer
Oma = Life giver
Omanand = joy of Om
Omar = an era
Omesa = Lord of OM
Omesh = Lord of the Om
Omeshwar = Lord of the Om
Omkar = mystic name for Hindu Gods
Omkarnath = lord of Omkaar, Shiva
Ompati = Master of OM
Omprakash = light of Om
Omswaroop = manifestation of divinity
Oni = shelter, cover
Oojam = enthusiasm
Oorjit = powerful
Orion = Son of Fire