About Us

“Being a parent is getting tougher day by day and current generation of parents feels far more pressure than the previous one. Despite the generic idea being the same, there are some significant cultural differences that impact parenthood. Parentsnet idea originated in our mind while looking at other prominent parenting sites and seeking answers to day to day issues but no authoritative and culturally significant advice was available. Parentsnet India is the first step in the series of such websites.

Parentsnet is a one stop advisory website where your day to day questions about parenting will be answered by panel of doctors and you can seek advice from fellow parents as well on our forums.. We have over 50 panel doctors from all over the world, who share a goal of helping parents provide a wholesome environment to children.

Our Core Team


Dr Sundeep Soin is a General Practitioner in Surrey, United Kingdom and a member of Royal College of GP’s in London. He also has a Diploma from Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists (London) and Diploma in faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health (London).Dr Sundeep has done various medical specialities like A&E, Respiratory Medicine, Geriatrics, Obstetrics, Gynaecology and his GP training. He also regularly works for national bodies like British Medical Association and Monitor.


Dr Rashi Soin qualified as a Dental Surgeon from one of the top colleges in India. She is a member of the faculty of dental surgeons, faculty of general dental practitioners, and of the joint dental faculties. She is also a dental examiner at the Royal College of Surgeons (London).

Rashi has a special interest in treating children and nervous patients. Being a busy working mother she understands that parenthood is getting challenging day by day and there is a lack of availability of reliable healthcare and childcare related information, which most first time  parents need.


Nidhi S., is a financial consultant by profession and also a writer and blogger. She has helped Dr Sundeep to make Parentsnet a reality.

She is passionate about health and nutrition and believes that nothing can prepare you for parenthood and all parents have to learn on-the-job.

She aims to make Parentsnet a one stop resource for everything a parent needs.”