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9 tips to raise a well rounded boy

9 tips to raise a well rounded boy
June 17
12:42 2013

It can be daunting raising a boy who is well rounded and thoughtful. Generally, it is seen that boys are more interested in playing video games, which can delay their social graces. Some are so overexcited that they have a tough time focusing. This makes it little challenging for parents to raise a well rounded boy. Moreover, it can be difficult but it’s not impossible.

Here are some tips you can assist your little one explore all sides of his persona as he grows, not only the ones that he is born with.

Trust him with some responsibilities

It is important to show your son that you trust him; this won’t only help him feel a sense of responsibility but he will be able to develop skills like following instructions and finishing tasks. You can start by giving him easy jobs like watering the plant or feeding a pet or assisting you in kitchen with easy jobs. This is one of the best things to ensure that your son grows up to be a well rounded individual.

Give freedom to show his emotions

Boys don’t cry or they can’t be too expressive, are few qualities that have long been associated with males. On one hand, where women are given more freedom to talk about their feelings, boys are generally expected to behave more maturely in all the conditions. Make sure that you don’t raise your son by encouraging him to swallow his tears. Let him express himself when he is upset. It is also okay if he cries at times when really upset with something or someone. Talk to him about his problems. Talking about problems is much healthier than keeping it inside.

Give him ample of physical affection

Mothers and fathers generally have less physical contact with boys than with girls. If you also don’t cuddle your son much then change it ASAP. Boys also like to be cuddled and kissed as much as girls do. Cuddling and warm hugs sometimes can help him feel secure and safe. If you won’t provide physical affection then he is likely to shy away from hugs and kisses from you, when he gets older. Even if he shows he is strong enough and doesn’t need any affection then also don’t take a step back.

Let him be

Boys have a lot of energy, unlike girls they like to run around or get involved in activities that are physically more intense. So, let them be. Just make sure you remind your son that there are times and places when he will need to calm it down a little like in classroom. You can also try and give his excess energy a positive direction by making him involved in any type of sports.

Don’t worry if he is more interested in “girls’ things”

It’s okay if your son loves dolls more than cars and sleeps with his teddy next to him. It is a nice way for him to develop nurturing and gentle side.

Help him develop his social skills

Most boys don’t form intimate friendships as easily as girls. Rather than sitting down and discussing things, they like to play with friends and race for the top position. You can help your son strengthen one-on-one friendship by making him share toys.

Make him learn music

Playing a musical instrument can give your son a great sense of achievement. Learning music also improves young brain’s memory and sharpens their thinking skills. If your son loves, group activities then children’s choir can be great musical activity for him. This will also help him make friends.

Support his likings

If your son wants to take cooking lessons, don’t force him to take dance lessons or change his choice. May be possible that his friends will tease him about it, which can demotivate him or make him feel bad. So, it is important that since very starting you let him know that everyone is different and it’s okay to have different interests than everybody else. This will help him stand tall despite lots of criticism.

Admire the positives

Due to naughty and mischievous nature, boys are more likely to get scolded at school as well as home. It is okay to scold them when they are wrong but it is also important that you appreciate them for their nice behavior. This will encourage him behave nicely more often.

So, when raising a boy child make sure you try these tips to raise a well rounded boy.

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