8 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed eight weeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (8 weeks)

This is a very important in your baby’s progress, as his organs are developing, also his little tail is ceasing.

The baby has already started moving constantly in your belly; however you would not be yet able to feel anything. You will be able to feel the baby’s movements in a few weeks. His arms have grown some more and now he will be able to flex his wrists. The baby’s legs are growing and getting longer.

Your symptoms at this stage (8 weeks)

Though it is unlikely that you have gained much weight yet, you would start to feel some enlargement in some parts of your body such as breasts. By now, it is possible that your pre pregnancy bras are starting to get uncomfortable. This would be particularly true if you usually wear underwired bras. Now it is a good time to get a few of good quality maternity bras. It is advisable to get a proper fitting done before buying so that you get nice supportive bras.

Apart from growing breasts, there are other changes taking place in your body as well. Blood circulating in your body would also be increasing steadily. To meet the demands of a developing baby, most women have an extra 1.5 litre of blood flowing through them by the end of their pregnancy.

Your life at this stage

If you are planning to take a holiday or travel for work, you will need to be more careful now. Being pregnant is likely to impact the choice of destination, if you are travelling for leisure. You would need to be careful about travel insurance, your mode of travel as well as if any vaccinations are needed for the country where you are planning to travel.

If you are experiencing morning sickness, then you may need to consider if travelling makes you feel sicker or the nausea might get worse due to temperature or altitude changes.

Important things to keep in mind

  • A balanced diet is recommended as it will provide give your baby all the nutrientsthat are required for his growth. However, it is possible that due to nausea you may not feel like eating. Try not to stress about it. It is likely that the morning sickness will soon pass.