7 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed sevenweeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (7 weeks)

Your baby is still in an embryo stage as he still has the remainder of a small tail which would completelyvanish in the next few weeks. However, that tail is the only thing that is decreasing in size. The baby’s heart as well as his brain aredeveloping and becoming more complex, the tip of his nose is starting to form along with his eyelid folds.

Your symptoms at this stage (7 weeks)

Till now you would still not be “looking” pregnant, but internally uterus is expanding in order to make room for the growing baby. Before you were pregnant, its size was approximately that of a closed fist. Now it would be almost as big as a large orange. As the uterus expands, some mums to be feel mild cramps or maybe an odd twinge.

It is always advised to check with your doctor if you are experiencing cramps, just to be sure. There are some symptoms which should never be ignored during pregnancy. If you are experiencing cramps with any amount of bleeding, it is advised to seek medical help immediately. YourDoctor would be able to guide you.

In early pregnancy many women feel ups and downs in their emotions and its perfectly normal. You may feel extremely happy to be expecting a baby one moment, and be in tears anticipating parenthood the very next moment. The smallest things could affect you and impact your mood, but you as well as your partner will feel betterif you understand that it is very common and normal to have mood swings during pregnancy.

An amalgamation of increase in hormone levelscoupled with concerns regarding pregnancy as well as parenthood also induces insomnia or dreams. Try to be as stress free as possible and allow yourself some time to unwind. It will be good if you try to manage stress from the beginning as mood swings could last throughout the pregnancy. So try to accept that you might feel a little fragile once in a while.

Important things to keep in mind

  • Try to have a balanced diet with small regular meals.
  • Have you made the change to herbal tea instead of caffeinated drinks?
  • Any lower abdominal pain and bleeding needs to be investigated as it can be an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Enjoy the feeling and your face will start getting a glow now due to the hormones. Be happy.