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7 tips for safe and fun Diwali for kids

7 tips for  safe and fun Diwali for kids
November 07
01:06 2015
  1. First and the foremost will be responsible use of firecrackers. We have ever increasing air and noise pollution and hence it is important that we buy crackers responsibly. If you want to buy firecrackers try buying as little as possible. You can also teach your kids the joy of giving by encouraging them to save their firecracker allowance and maybe use it to distribute sweets to the less privileged.
  2. Be careful while bursting crackers, make sure you or the kids are careful with your clothes and are bursting the crackers at a safe distance. Teach the kids to be careful for themselves as well as keep in mind the safety of others. This would mean no firecrackers on street or in crowded places. Use this as an opportunity to instill civic sense in your kids.
  3. Teach your kids about safety and keep a fire extinguisher and first aid kid handy. If there is a lot of noise you could try using earplugs for the kids as well as yourself. Make sure there is always adult supervision when the kids are playing with firecrackers.
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  5. Indulge in sweets but be sure not to overdo it. Be careful of sweets with preservatives or adulterated sweets. Always buy sweets from reputed places during the festive season. Or you can make the sweets at home and have a fun activity with kids. You can find a yummy dessert recipe here.
  6. You can create some other fun activities for kids that do not involve firecrackers and are enjoyable, such as painting diyas or decorating rangoli using organic colors or flower petals.
  7. You can also use this opportunity to teach kids to share and encourage them to buy some small gifts for their siblings or friends for the occasion.
  8. If you have pets or any other stray animals in the vicinity then be careful while bursting crackers around them. Ask your kids to be compassionate and tell them that the animals get scared due to the loud noise and we should be careful not to hurt them.

May you all have a safe and prosperous festive season. Happy Diwali..


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