40 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed fortyweeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (40 weeks)

Although now its quite tight squeeze in the womb, the baby is still busy growing. Hisfingernails would be getting longer too.

You should keep a pair of mittens in your hospital bag. Sometimes the baby is born with long nails and these should not be trimmed too soon. Hence you can use mittens on the baby’s to protect him from scratching his skin.

You cannot exactly predict the bay’s weight at birth but on an average newborn babies weigh about 3 kg.

Your symptoms at this stage (40 weeks)

Sleeping could be difficult at this stage. You can try sleepingpropped up with pillows, many even also find it a little easier to sleep in a comfortable armchair.

Try taking a nap during the day so that you can catch up on some rest. Sleeping will be good for you and will help you build up your energy stores for labour. However do not worry if you are not able to sleep properly. You may feel a bit exhausted but your lack of sleep does not impact the baby.

Your life at this stage

After months of excitement and wait, your due date passes by, and…you’re still pregnant. It gets a bit frustrating, but it is a common situation. If you are feeling impatient then remind yourself thatdue date is only an estimate. You can discuss with your doctor the best course of action at this time. If you are overdue, it is likely that you will have an antenatal appointment every week. If your pregnancy has been straightforward, your doctor might offer to induce you.

Important things to keep in mind

Your friends and family members might be calling every day to check if the baby has arrived. If it is getting annoying, tell them firmly that you will announce as soon as the baby is born. Try to be as stress and worry free as possible.

Make sure you have your phone charged, have kept the spare charger with you, have charged camera and the car has tankful of petrol.

If you are getting bored during the wait now try watching a movie at home with your spouse, these little treats will get difficult once the baby arrives.

Now very soon you will have your bundle of joy in your arms. Good Luck !!