39 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed thirty nineweeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (39 weeks)

The big day is right around the corner and before long you would have your bundle of joy in your arms. However try not to stress if you are still waiting by the end of this week. Approximately 4% babies are born on their expected due date and the vast majority is born either earlier than the estimated due date or later.

Your symptoms at this stage (39 weeks)

If you are experiencing heartburn then it would be best to skip rich, oily and spicy food.

Now that you are reaching the end of your pregnancy, you might feel that the time has passed so quickly in the past 9 months. However brace yourself for the chance in pace as these final days might feel a bit longer than the past 9 months as you wait for the baby.

Try not to feel anxious about birth, or stress that your pregnancy will be overdue. Many doctors who feel that natural birth is the best option, usually waitabout 10 days to 14 days after the due date before they even consider inducing labour.

Your life at this stage

If this is your first delivery it is possible that your labour would be long and slow. However there are certain ways that could be tried to speed things up both naturally and by your doctor.

If your mom is coming over to stay with you when your baby arrives or if you are going to your parent’s house for delivery, let them make a fuss of you and relax. Try not to stress about chores and ask someone else to do it or you can even hire additional help for a few days.

You might have of visitors after the baby arrives and it can be overwhelming specially as you are getting to know and bond with your baby. Don’t feel guilty about putting some people off for a couple of weeks.

At this beautiful time first priority is yourself and the baby. You need time to rest and recover. Traditionally, a period of 40 days used to be the confinement period for the mother, where she used to take this time to rest and recover with minimal household duties and getting traditional therapies such as post natal massage.

Important things to keep in mind

•It is likely that the baby spends most of the time sleeping,feedingand pooping once you come home.
•Be sure you and your spouse have the labour ward phone number on your handphone.