37 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed thirty sevenweeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (37 weeks)

Your baby is shedding her lanugo hair now. The protective coating called vernixcaseosa on her skin has also started to disappear, although some babies traces of it on them at birth.

The baby would swallow anything she sheds in the amniotic fluid and it would stay in her bowels until birth. Her first poo would be blackish mixture, known as meconium.Generally she would wait to poo until after she is born, but sometimes, if the bay gets a bit stressed in labour, she may do so on her way out.

Your symptoms at this stage (37 weeks)

For the next couple of weeks all you have to do is wait. It may e very difficult to wait but, try to enjoy this time before your baby comes. Try to eat healthy and get good rest.

You can start preparing your baby’s scrapbook and photobooks in anticipation of the arrival.

Your life at this stage

Make sure your hospital bag is packed by now. Go through the checklist again so that you have all the essential things.

Have the clothes ready for the baby to wear after he’s born and also for the journey home. You also need to remember to pack extra clothes for yourself.

Most likely you will have to wear maternity clothes for some more time as you will still have a little bump after the baby is born. You would also need big and stretchable underwear as you will have to use maternity pads for almost a week after having the baby.

You may have to depend on your spouse for decision-making during labour so help him understand beforehand about what is most important to you. Also, explain to him that he need to remember details of the birth to tell you later as you may not remember everything clearly yourself.

Important things to keep in mind

  • You would most likely have an antenatal appointment this week so you can tell your doctor if you are experiencing any new symptoms.
  • You can buy some toys for the new baby now when you still have some time.
  • Try eating smaller meals at frequent intervals if you are not able to have a full meal at a time.