36 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed thirty sixweeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (36 weeks)

By this week’s, your pregnancy will have come full term. Congratulations!!What this means is that the baby can arrive any day now. Babies who are born before 37 weeks are called premature or pre-term, and the babies born after 42 weeks are called post-mature or post-term. Approximate weight of a 37 week old baby is between 2.5 kg to 2.8 kg, however all babies are different and your baby could fall in the higher or lower weight bracket than this.

Your symptoms at this stage (36 weeks)

It’s possible that you might start to feel more in your lower abdomen and notice that your baby is gradually dropping.

The good news is however is, that your lungs and belly would get some room to stretch a bit, hence your breathing would become easier.

At this stage many women notice that walking becomes more and more uncomfortable. Everyone’s experience in pregnancy is different. Some pregnant women even say that they at times feel that their baby is going to fall out. Try not to stress about this, as this cannot happen!

You may experience that you feel like using the restroom all the time as the baby increases pressure on your bladder. You could try practising pelvic floor exercises as it might help a bit.

Your life at this stage

As the big day approaches, and you start experiencing any you would need to understand if the pains are real labour pains.Ask your doctor about tips to spot the signs of labour. Keep your car topped up with petrol and keep the hospital bag in the car as well, also rehearse the best route to the hospital.

You and your spouse should understand about the stages of childbirth together to prepare yourselves.

If you can, try to visit the hairdresser and get a haircut now. You might not get time in the next few months once the baby comes.

Important things to keep in mind

  • How about having a baby shower? Or you could ask a kind friend or a family member to throw one for you, if you haven’t had one yet.
  • If your baby is in the breech position (head up), then your doctor could manually try to change the baby’s position or you might have to get a caesarean section.