33 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed thirty threeweeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (33 weeks)

By now, most probably your baby’s head would be downwards in your uterus. For most babies, the head is down at this stage however few still continue to change position.

The bones in baby’s skull are still not completely joined. This would make it easier for you to give birth, as the bones in the skull would be able to overlap slightly as the baby moves down your vagina.

Your symptoms at this stage (33 weeks)

You may have some welling in your hands, ankles, feet and face. This is due to water retentionand iscalled oedema. It is likely that it would be worse in warm weather or maybe later in the day.

Drinking more water could help. However if you have headaches and the swelling is severe, it would be best to call your doctor right away as many a times these are symptoms of pre-eclampsia.

You may be feeling very emotional and cry at the slightest thing. A news item or even small marital arguments could make you cry uncontrollably. Pregnancy triggers a deeper response to emotional feelings and it would be best to avoid tragic news or stories for a while. It is also possible that you are feeling anxious about your baby’s health and well being. This is very normal and almost all pregnant women experience this kind of anxiety.

Your life at this stage

Try to make life easier for yourself by doing a few things now. Try to stock up on basics things now, before shopping becomes too exhausting. You can cook up extra food and freeze ahead or try to hire a cook for last few weeks of pregnancy and early weeks after birth as it would be a great help.

Important things to keep in mind

  • If there is a sale going on for baby stuff then it would be a good idea to stock up now in order to cut costs.
  • By now you and your spouse should have all the important numbers on the phone such as your doctor and your hospital.
  • If you have older children or pets, it is a good time to arrange for someone to take care of them. This will help you to just focus on yourself and the baby when the time comes.