30 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed thirtyweeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (30 weeks)

The baby is gaining weight quickly now approximately 500g between week 28 and week 32 and then would continue to gain approximately 250g per week until he is 35 weeks old. His lungs and digestive tract are almost mature now and it is likely that he is able to open his eyes now, however there is not much to see inside the womb. If you shine a bright light on your belly, your baby might even reach out towards the glow.

Your symptoms at this stage (30 weeks)

It is likely that you have gained a lot of weight this month. In the last three months of pregnancy it is normal to gain approximately 450g per week. The baby’s need for nutrients is at its peak due to the rapid growth before birth.

Keep in mind that you need to gain weight in a healthy manner. If you are feeling that you are gaining too much rapidly then it would be a good idea to discuss this with your doctor.

To keep your spirits up, you could create a feel good calendar for the third trimester where you give yourself a treat every week. It could be something simple and relaxing to make the countdown to the baby’s birth even more fun, especially if you are a homemaker or if you have started on your maternity leave.

It will become progressively difficult to get a good night’s sleep now in the last three months as the bump grows rapidly. You might have to go to the toilet more frequently now even at night-time, due to pressure on your bladder, affecting your sleep quality.Vivid dreams can also impact the sleep quality.

Important things to keep in mind

  • A relatively rare condition that occurs during pregnancy is obstetric cholestasis. It is a liver related condition and one of its symptoms is itchy skin. If you are experiencing severely itchy skin, especially on your hands and feet, see your doctor.
  • Research aboutBraxton Hicks contractions. Also keep in mind how they feel and how often they happen. It may help you later to distinguish them from the real signs of labour.
  • It would be a good idea to buy a car seat now. It is much more safe for the baby to travel in a car seat rather than someone’s arms.