28 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed twentyeightweeks of pregnancy.

The baby can now open her eyes if you could see her you would have been able to make out the colour of her eyes. However the colour of baby’s eyes can change from a lighter colour at birth to a darker colour in first few months At this stage she is short-sighted and is only able to see 15-20cm and it will be almost the same at birth, however she will be able to see your face while breastfeeding.

If you like the idea of interacting with your child while still in womb, you could try singing or talking to her or reading. There is nothing to worry if you are not uncomfortable communicating with her like this. Not everyone is. However she is already able to hear everything you say anyway.

Your symptoms at this stage (28 weeks)

You are now in your final trimester and this will last till you give birth, usually around 40 weeks and maybe beyond. Ask your doctor if it is Okay to just call if you have any queries and are feeling anxious due to something. Waiting for the appointment every time can get exhausting sometimes.

You might be feeling a bit of stress or anxiety. You may be feeling that its been too long that you were pregnant or you are not ready for motherhood You’re definitely not alone in feeling so. Swapping experiences with other to be mothers either in forums or maybe in your antenatal class can be very helpful.

Your life at this stage

If you have not done that yet, get a tour of the hospital where you are going to deliver the bay so that you would know what to expect. You could also try to read some of real-life birth stories online in order to help you be prepared for the big day.

If you are a dad to be, you also need to go read real life birthing experiences in order to be prepared to see your spouse go through childbirth and offer support. Knowing what happens during childbirth will give you an idea what to expect and would help you in preparing yourself for the life-changing day. Then read tips from other people who’ve been a birth partner to find out more.

Sometimes, things don’t go as per the plan during childbirth. It is possible that you planned for a natural birth and the baby may need help to be born. Read online about on assisted birth and caesarean section, as well so that you could support your spouse through any procedures.

Important things to keep in mind

  • Make a list of all the items that need to go in your hospital bag to be prepared in case you need to go in early. Read more about it here.
  • Have you read about breastfeeding. Get some more information here.