27 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed twentysevenweeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (27 weeks)

Your bump will be growing bigger now as you’re approaching your third trimester and the baby is starting to fill the rest of the available space in your womb.

Your baby now wakes up and sleeps at regular intervals and would even suck her own thumb if she comes across it. Also, she can now open and close her eyes.AT this stage her lungs would function with medical help, in the very unlikely event that she is born prematurely.

Your symptoms at this stage (27 weeks)

Your body is changing very fast now. Your uterus is pushed up till your rib cage and you may experience cramps in your legs or maybe haemorrhoids or varicose veins. All these pregnancy problems are likely to disappear on their own once the baby is born.

Your doctor is likely to call you for another antenatal appointment soon and may check for pregnancy anaemia by doing a blood test. If your diet lacks in iron, you could have anaemia, and hence in a deficiency of red blood cells. Some pregnant women have a mild case of the anaemia due to the normal changes in the body.

In case your blood group is Rhesus-negative it is likely that you may have to take an injection of anti-D around this stage.

Your life at this stage

Labour is not too far away now so if you already have not signed up for a antenatal class, try to find a course available near you now.
If you are a dad-to-be, you should try to learn the basics of breastfeeding as it will help you in providing support after the baby is born.

Your spouse will need some care and looking after in the first few weeks after childbirth so be prepared to help out, even more so if she is having a c-section.

Important things to keep in mind

  • If you plan to travel by air around now, it is likely that you would need a note from your doctor stating that you’re fit to fly.
  • Have you given some thought to storing your baby’s umbilical cord blood to defendagainst future health problems, if not it is a good idea to find the details now.