26 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed twentysixweeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (26 weeks)

If it was possible to see your baby now, it is likely that you could have caught a glimpse of his eyes, which are starting to open.

Your baby’s ability to respond to sound enhanced more and more with the passing of each week. At the beginning, he will only hear low-frequency sounds that come from inside your body, for instance your heartbeat and the rumbling of your stomach. However, with time he will be able to hear higher pitched sounds from outside the uterus as well.

Your symptoms at this stage (26 weeks)

In a couple weeks your third trimester will start. Congratulations… You are almost in the home stretch. In a few short weeks you will have your baby in your arms.

Around this time, it is possible that you see a minor increase in your blood pressure, which is usually normal. One condition your doctor would be vigilant about from now on is pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia reduces the flow of blood through the placenta. High blood pressurecould be associated with this condition.

Your doctor will nowlook out for protein in your urine, during your routine ante natal check up, which is another sign of pre-eclampsia.

However, in the rare case that event pre-eclampsia is not picked up by the doctor, the major symptoms include severe headaches, blurred vision as well as swollen hands and feet. If you notice any of these symptoms, call your doctor immediately.

Important things to keep in mind

  • If you have made abirth plan, try to keep it a bit flexible, as it’s impossible to predict with certainty what will happen during labour and child birth. Go through your plan with your spouse and ask your doctor and/or any antenatal class teacher for their advice as well.
  • If you are expecting twins or more it is more likely that you will have acaesarean section, however it doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll have a c- section
  • Are you a vegetarian? Check out how you can increase your protein intake from this article. But keep in mind that it is advisable to only consume hard cheeses and fresh paneer.