25 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed twentyfive weeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (25 weeks)

At this stage the baby has started to make some breathing movements, although there is no air in her lungs yet. Her senses are also developing at a fast pace. Around this stage of foetal development, foetal brain scans indicate that the babies respond to touch and light.

So it is likely that if you shine a light on your tummy, the baby will turn her head, which indicates that her optic nerve is working.

Your symptoms at this stage (25 weeks)

Even though you might have started feeling tired again, try to be active and get some light exercise. You may feel that you need to put your feet up more often now. Swimming is very good choice of exercise as your bump gets bigger as the water supports your weight and swimming exercises your whole body but be sure that you are swimming gently and safely.

You can check out the nearest gym or club foraquanatal classes. Joining a class would keep you motivated for exercising and you will be able to meet other mums-to-be too.

However, you should try not to do any exercise very close to your bedtime bed time. Being active very near to the bedtime can make it difficult to sleep sometimes.

Talking about sleep, the increasing size of your bump may be making it difficult for you to get into a comfortable position to sleep. It is recommended to sleep on your side instead of your back from the second trimester. You could use pillows to support your bump while in bed.

Important things to keep in mind

  • A Pilates class could help you strengthen your back and pelvic floor. However make sure you find a class by instructor who has experience with pregnant women.
  • A few weeks remaining till you are allowed to fly. Now is the chance if you planning a holiday.
  • Make sure you are eating healthy. You can even consult a licenced and experienced dietician to make sure you are getting all the nutrients without gaining excessive weight. The baby’s nutritional demands are at its peak in the last three months of pregnancy.