24 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed twenty four weeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (24 weeks)

The baby is steadily growingand would be taking progressively more room in your uterus (womb). His skin is still thin but is becoming less see through now.

His brain is also maturing fast and his brainwaves at this stage are quite similar to those that he will have at term. His brain cells that relate to “conscious thought” are also developing rapidly.

Histastebuds are forming and he is learning to suck. However he will not be sucking good enough to feed from breast till 35 weeks.

Your symptoms at this stage (24 weeks)

Stretch marks!!!!! The bane of almost every pregnancy. You might have noticed some faint red streaks, or stretch marks on your stomach, buttocks, thighs and breasts.

Rubbing creams on these could make you feel a bit more more comfortable and soothe any itching that you are experiencing, however, it won’t get rid of stretch marks also it won’t help prevent them. Stretch marks are very common at this stage of pregnancy and are likely to fadeconsiderably after you give birth.

Another pregnancy symptom that could be bothering you is “ dry-eye syndrome “. It makes your eyes more sensitive to light, and they feel very dry. If this is bothering you, you should see your doctor or an optometrist. They might need to check that your eyes are otherwise healthy and that there is no infection or scarring. This condition could be easily treated with artificial tears or some ointments, but you need to check with your doctor about what would be best for you as many a times the treatments you buy over the counter could be unsuitable for you while you’re pregnant.

Your life at this stage

Now you will start your third trimester in a few weeksand hence this is a good time to think through your birth choices. You need to choose a birth partner whom you can trust to support you through labour and birth.
It’s not necessary that your birth partner be your spouse, but most dads-to-be like to be involved and contribute by supporting you in their baby’s birth. However if you feel more comfortable with a friend/sister/your mother or maybe even a doula, you need to choose what would be best for you.
Having an encouraging birth partner makes childbirth a much more positive experience as you would have with you, someone who helps you cope and/or make decisionsin labour.

Ideally, you should choose a birth partner who either knows or is willing to learn about childbirth to help you cope, and would be ready to drop everything when required, to come by your side. That’s why it’s so important to plan ahead.

Important things to keep in mind

  • If your doctor suspects that you may be prone to gestational diabetes, he would test to check how you areregulating your sugar levels. If you are found to have gestational diabetes, you would have to be even more careful about your diet.
  • The exhaustion that you have experienced in the first trimester could may start to set in again, so take time to relax.