19 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed nineteen weeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (19 weeks)

This week you have achieved another major milestone, you have reached the halfway mark.Her nervous system is developing now. She is probably able to smell and also understand the difference between light and dark. Her hearing is also getting enhanced as the time progresses and currently she would be able to hear your heart beat.

Your symptoms at this stage (19 weeks)

The uppermost part of your uterus is likely to reach around your belly button now. Starting from now, your womb is likely to expand at a rate of about ten millimetres per week.

You may feel certain pain in your lower belly. Generally it is nothing to worry about at this time as it is likely to be due to the stretching of muscles and ligaments. This helps is supporting your bump. It’s usually nothing to be alarmed about. It’s just the stretching of your muscles and ligaments supporting your bump. Your body releases a hormone to ease the ligaments, called relaxin. This helps the baby to pass through your pelvis at the time of giving birth.

Your breasts are now getting prepared for the approaching breastfeeding and the mammary glands (glands that produce milk) are growing as well.

Your life at this stage

Sometimes thinking about labour and childbirth is overwhelming and mums to be start to worry. It’s only natural to be apprehensive about how you will cope with it. However you should be assured that your body is delicately designed to give birth.

Many women get stressed about labour pains and start considering a caesarean in order to avoid going through labour, however you must carefully think over as this is a major operation.

It is a fairly common way to give birth nowadays but it has its own kind of risks. It is likely to be painful after the surgery and you would take much more recovery time than a normal delivery.

If it is simply the idea of pain that is making you worry about a natural birth, do consider the pain relief available these days which works well too. The most common amongst these is an epidural, which numbs your body below your belly. Discuss these options with your doctor and then decide the option which suits you the best.

Important things to keep in mind

  • If you have not discussed about maternity leave at your workplace yet, then it would be a good time now to discuss these details.
  • Still careful about what you are eating? Refresh your memory about foods to avoid during pregnancy .