18 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed eighteen weeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (18 weeks)

The baby’s ears would be in their final position now and it is likely that he will start hearing soon.

The hair on his head and body as well as his eyebrows are getting fuller and, while it is highly unlikely for the baby to be born with teeth, his jaws have formed little buds for milk teeth and just at the back of them there are tooth buds for his adult teeth. He is now moving around, but also resting at times so there are likely to be certain quiet and busy times.

Your symptoms at this stage (18 weeks)

Your bump would be growing now hence right around this time you need to wear larger sizes and more comfortable clothes now. Do not stress too much about weight gain unless your doctor is worried or feels that you have gained an alarming amount of weight. Check our Lifestyle section for a guide to maternity wear.

It is possible that your feet have some swelling as well and you might need wider shoes which are more comfortable. Opt for shoes with low heels as it will help you to be steadier on your feet as your bump expands further.

Your life at this stage

You are now simply a couple of weeks away from the half-way mark.In the next few weeks, you are likely to have a scan to check for anomalies, which is simply a scan check if everything is going well with the baby. Seeing your own baby inside youis a very fulfilling experience. Try to schedule the scan with your partner so that you can share this moment together.

Ultrasound scans are considered completely safe, so you do not need to worry if any extra scans are needed during your pregnancy.

Important things to keep in mind

  • You need more of calcium and vitamin D in pregnancy to help your baby’s growth, especially teeth and bones.Discuss with your doctor before starting any kind of supplements. However smoothies, milkshakes and our very own lassi is a great way to increase your calcium intake.
  • As we have discussed before, staying active during pregnancy has a number of benefits. Check out here.
  • If you are experiencing heartburn then try some home remedies, if it does not subside and is making you uncomfortable, you could ask your doctor about it.