16 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed sixteen weeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (16 weeks)

Your baby is likely to be approximately 10 cm long this week. His body is really starting to grow at a fast pace now. His urinary tract as well as circulation is fully functional now. This is the stage when many babies start playing with the umbilical cord.

Your symptoms at this stage (16 weeks)

It is healthy and advised to put on certain weight in pregnancy. If at the start of your pregnancy you had normal weight for your height or you were in the normal BMI range, it is likely that you might have gained anywhere between 2kg and 4.5kg by now.

This weight gain is in part due to the extra energy you might need later and in part due to the changes in your body, for instance the increase in blood volume, the weight of the baby as well as the amniotic fluid.

In the next few weeks you might need to be careful so that you don’t strain your pelvis or your back. You might be feeling twinges in your pelvis and back as the ligaments stretch. These minor pains are generally temporary, just that you need to be careful in next few weeks.

Your life at this stage

Now it is possible that you have started wondering what childbirth will be like or how your life will change after giving birth. However, this is all perfectly normal. Take this time to discuss this with your partner so that you are both mentally more prepared.

Some couples find that impending parenthood at times put a strain in their relationship and they get overwhelmed. Check out our forums and you might get tips and tricks from your peers about how to keep healthy communication going with your spouse.

If you want, you can take a short holiday now as in a few more weeks you it would not be recommended for you to fly and when the baby arrives, you would need some months to get settled with the new addition to your family. If you are already over the morning sickness and fatigue by now, you could plan a short getaway with your spouse.

While booking a flight for a few weeks later you need to check with the airline if they will allow you to fly at that stage. Also, you might need a doctor’s letter that you are fit to fly. Most airlines allow pregnant women to fly till 28 weeks, but after that you most certainly will need a letter.

Important things to keep in mind

  • Keep in mind that you need to eat healthy balanced diet. If you are having cravings, try to reach for the healthier option.
  • You might be having leg cramps by now. Gently stretching or massaging your cramped muscles might help.