15 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed fifteen weeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (15 weeks)

The size of your baby is still not bigger than the palm of your hand. She is likely to start having hiccups now, which would help the baby’s ability to breathe later. You will not be able to hear then at this stage as your baby’s system has fluid rather than air at the moment; however you are might be able to hear them at a later stage.

The baby’s limbs are still developing and growing. Her legs are now likely to be longer than her arms and she would be able to move all limbs now.

Your symptoms at this stage (15 weeks)

For most women, the immune system gets a little compromised while pregnant hence it is possible that you might catch more coughs as well as colds that normal.

However these minor colds and coughs are not likely to harm your baby. There are certain other infections such as chickenpox or rubella, which could cause some problems for the baby. However the extent of the harm done by these, if you catch them, depends on the stage of pregnancy.

However do not be stressed, as it is likely that you are already immune against these infections. Most people have contracted these in childhood or are vaccinated against these.

Your life at this stage

Now you are already in your second trimester and hence it would be a good idea to start cultivating the habit of sleeping on your side instead of your back.

Sleeping on your left side is advised to be beneficial for the baby as it is a position which helps the flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta. Furthermore, it would also help your kidneys to take away the waste products and fluids from your body which is likely to help reduce swelling in your hands and feet.

Important things to keep in mind

  • If you are doing yoga, make sure that you do it with a certified prenatal practitioner. The meditation and breathing techniques can also help you in childbirth.
  • Try to drink approximately 8 glasses of fluids daily.
  • Feel like taking a break? Take a trip to the spa but make sure you get a massage from a masseuse who has plenty of experience with pregnant women. However avoids, steam, sauna rooms and Jacuzzi while pregnant.