13 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed thirteen weeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (13 weeks)

Though your baby is still very small, approximately the length of a pea pod (मटर), it is likely that your uterus have grown enough to show a small bump by now.

Despite the baby being so small right now, if you could see the tiny baby in your womb, you would find out that she is already a fully formed human being, so much so that she already has her unique fingerprints.

Your symptoms at this stage (13 weeks)

Completion of 13 weeks indicates that you are now in the second trimester of your pregnancy. Congratulations!!!!

Again, with some luckyou may be starting to notice that the early pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness, that you were experiencing have reduced.
It is likely that your sex drive would be making a comeback too, as the morning sickness and exhaustion subsides and hence your energy levels increase.

Be assured that if your pregnancy is going normal, then it is usually safe to have sex. However your doctor may advice you to abstain from sex in some cases. Some women start to feel even more sexy than before during the second trimester.

Some women start feeling alarmed as the pregnancy symptoms subside as those serve as a reminder every day that you are pregnant. Most women worry about this and wonder if they are really still pregnant. However as your energy levels return now you can really start to enjoy this beautiful phase of your life.

If you have any questions or doubts as you start the second trimester, you could give your doctor a call or make a list and ask her on the next antenatal visit.

Important things to keep in mind

  • Many women start feeling ravenously hungry once they stop feeling nauseous. Keep some healthy snack like a fruit at hand so that you do not reach for a pack for chips when hunger strikes.
  • If you are expecting twins, you would need to be even more prepared for after the birth. Research the challenges associated with raising twins so that you are ready when the babies arrive.
  • Do you think you are being forgetful?It’s totally normal as brain may alter during pregnancy affecting short term memory. Keep a writing pad and pen with you or take notes in your phone so that you do not forget important things.