12 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed twelve weeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (12 weeks)

Now there are changes going on in the baby’s face. His eyes were initially on the sides of his head, and now they have shifted closer together. Also, his ears are getting into in their final position.

Initially, the baby’s intestines started as a big swelling in the umbilical cord, however, approximately at this time, the intestines will start shifting towards his belly cavity. Also, now the tissues and organs which are already formed in his body will grow fast and mature.

Your symptoms at this stage (12 weeks)

With some luck on your side, probably your nausea will soon subside and you will start feeling more energy and less tired.You can now also be a bit relieved, asthe risk of miscarriage has now subsided dramatically. First 12 weeks have the highest risk of miscarriage.

It may seem too unbelievable if you are feeling bouts of morning sickness still, but are likely to regain your appetite soon and well as the morning sickness is also likely to subside soon. You need to make sure that if you are eating meat of any kind then it should be thoroughly cooked so as to reduce the chances of toxoplasmosis. If you have any barbecues planned then be careful of what you eat there. Also, if you enjoy tandoori dishes then be careful that those are properly cooked till the centre.

You need to be careful about oral care as well during pregnancy as teeth and gums are likely to be more prone to any diseases while you are pregnant, so it is a good idea to plan a dental check up if you have not had one for long.

It is possible that your gums bleed a bit more now. So you need to brush and floss carefully. If you are unsure over using over-the-counter remedies for bleeding gums, then talk to your doctor or you may even ask your pharmacist for advice.

Your life at this stage

It is possible that you wouldfeel a bit more comfortable in loose clothe now. This is mostly due to the emerging bump rather than weight gain at this point.

Now would be a good time to invest in good maternity jeans. There are a number of maternity-wear brands to choose from. If you wear tights and Kurta often then you may also want to invest in tights that are a little more comfortable. If you wear a Saree often, make sure you do not tie it too tight.

Important things to keep in mind

  • Try to manage your next ante natal appointment in a way that your partner could also visit the Doctor with you. It is a good idea to plan ahead as both of you would need to manage your schedule.
  • About now some stretch marks may have started appearing on your breasts or belly. There is not much that could be done to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks; however it is likely that wearing a supportive bra helps. If nothing else, you would at least be more comfortable.