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12 ideas to spend quality time with kids

12 ideas to spend quality time with kids
April 28
09:50 2015

We live in a time and age where spending quality time with your baby almost seems like a luxury. After work (at office and home), we barely have the energy to breathe. Attending to your kids and their basic need for love and affection can sometimes get exasperating.

Wherever there is a will, there is a way. You need to find it. If you can’t find it, you need to invent it. We have given you a few ideas that will help you and your baby connect. Try introducing at least a couple of them in your daily routine. A few changes in your routine will ensure the bonding between you and your baby will last a lifetime.

Cook together: You think cooking is dangerous for your kids?? You are absolutely right. The fire or the knife might actually get under their skin, causing them a phobia and causing you a lifetime of regret. But hey… Did you ever hear of a child getting hurt while beating an egg or using a butter knife to spread butter or jam on their bread? Never. Your baby and you can spend some quality time right there in your kitchen every morning. Adding cornflakes to the milk, adding sugar to your tea…All these are experiments that will teach your kids responsibility and ensure you spend some time together. Simply make sure that the kids are always supervised in the kitchen till they reach a reasonable age.

Play together: Who says we cannot reverse roles?? Along with letting go of our responsibilities, we get a glimpse of the kind of parents we really are. You see, children are copycats. They imitate us at every opportunity they get. So, once we are at their mercy, they will treat us exactly the way we treat them.

Read: This is the best way to spend quality time together. Reading does not just increase their vocabulary, but gives them reasons to think and ask questions. This is the time, you SHOULD answer to all their “Why”s and “How”s. Personally, I think you should answer all of them truthfully. However, a few questions may be too heavy for their tiny little brain (for example: death). That’s when it’s ok to cook up a few stories.

Watch TV: Most of the kids TV shows have a moral. Along with our kids, they teach us a thing or two. I have always learnt how to deal with child tantrums all thanks to these kiddie soaps. The kids also realize (in their own way) that their parents are friends who care and are not the monsters, they always seem to be. Not to mention, they make our world a little less formidable than it always seems.

Get creative: One of our weekly routine, we always abide by, is creating stories. It mainly involves two ways. We either create a sentence over an existing one or we pen down a story individually. An exercise I ensure I try with my elder fellow is penning poems which rhyme. It helps putting our grey cells to good use. Yes, it’s a little tedious to get him to do it. However, when he extremely proud with the way it ends.

Take long walks: Long walks mean actual family time. Though most of the activities are done just by me and the kids, the father happily accompanies us to this one. Along with spending quality time with the kids, he gets his share of exercise as well.

Repair together: All the meagre jobs like carpentry, plumbing, fixing a bulb etc. could be fun for kids along with being helpful later in life. In our family, the kids normally show the torch and helps fix screws and bolts while the father experiments with everything mechanical before showing it to a professional. There have been a few disasters, like getting completely drenched while fixing the tap, but the rest of the time, it’s nothing but fun and messy.

Clean together: You mess it, then you clean it is something I have always believed in. However, this is a rule is applicable to our individual rooms. When it comes to rooms we all need to access, then we all clean it together. The kitchen, dining and the living room are areas that are used by every member of the family. So, the boys dust and I sweep and mop.

Make itineraries together: You need to incorporate the ideas given by your kids whenever you plan your trip. Give them a choice of hotels or the places they would want to visit. Remember, it’s a trip THEY would need to remember as the years go by. Ensure they cherish every moment of the trip right from the beginning to the end.

Pray together: The name of the God or the length of the prayer does not matter. The thought of thanking and being grateful for each day is what really matters. Again, creativity comes into play here. This is what I normally do. I ask my kids to think of something really nice that happened to them and then tell them to thank the Lord for the experience.

Do your groceries together: Saturday brunches are normally in the mall. Since our shopping list is already ready, all I need to do is read them while my kids run along the aisles and get exactly what I want. This gives them a chance to learn about all vegetables, fruits and spices. At the same time, they improve their reading skills by reading each and every label.

Make someone smile: We are fortunate to eat out sometimes. But what about those who cannot really afford a meal?? Yes, we can do our bit. Whenever we go to a food court (McDonald’s our favorite), we make it a point to pack an extra meal. On our way back home, my elder fellow goes to the first child that resembles his age and gives him the meal we bought. The look of astonishment followed by a huge grin has taught my son to be caring and down to earth. A quality I am very proud that he has acquired.

These exercises leaves you free from the guilt of not spending quality time with your kids and teaches them a lot on responsibility.

This article was contributed by Renita, who is a passionate writer and a stay at home mom to two bundles of joy.

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