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11 Things to consider when trying to conceive

11 Things to consider when trying to conceive
August 01
08:52 2014

So, you have decided to expand your family and enter into the world of parenting? Certainly, you must be all excited and full of joy. However, take a moment and ask yourself some really important questions that are going to play an imperative role in your pregnancy and parenthood. Ask yourself, ‘are you ready physically, mentally and financially to conceive’, ‘what things you should avoid in order to ensure a healthy pregnancy’, ‘how to make certain that you do all the right things during pregnancy’ and many more.

Here are some important things that you should take into consideration when trying to conceive:

1. Schedule a visit to the doctor: Before you actually conceive, it is advisable to get a preconception check-up. You could visit a gynaecologist or even your family doctor. Doctor will review your medical history as well as your current state of health. Moreover, consulting doctor becomes more important if you are on medications, as certain medications can be dangerous during pregnancy. A doctor is also likely give advice about weight, diet, and lifestyle. He/she might also prescribe multivitamin or other supplements. The doctor is also likely to prescribe various vaccinations like pertussis; chicken pox etc. if the person has never suffered from those infections before.

2. Folic Acid: When trying to get pregnant and until you are 12 weeks pregnant, take dose of 400 microgram supplement of folic acid every day. Folic acid is prescribed to women who are considering expansion of their family because it cut downs the risk of your baby having a neural tube defect (embryo’s spinal cord doesn’t form normally- a condition called Spina Bifida). For women suffering from medical conditions like diabetes, epilepsy and more dose of 5mg supplement is recommended.

3. Give up smoking/drinking: No matter how seldom or often you smoke, it is advised to give up smoking. Research and studies show that smoking can lead to miscarriage, premature birth, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), breathing problems etc, as a result it is highly advisable to stop smoking when planning your pregnancy.

When trying to conceive, you also need to cut out alcohol. Alcohol consumption has been associated with fetal alcohol syndrome. Furthermore, alcohol consumption during pregnancy can cause a variety of problems and hence it is advised to best abstain completely during pregnancy. You can also discuss about the consumption of alcohol with your doctor, there is no minimum safe level so it’s advisable to cut it out completely.

4. Limit your caffeine consumption: There are studies that demonstrate high caffeine consumption is likely to lead to a decline in fertility. As a result, when trying to conceive, ensure that you limit your dose of caffeine (Mainly coffee and caffeinated fizzy drinks as caffeine in tea is significantly lower). In general, pregnant women are advised to limit the dose of coffee to 1-2 cups; however, it also depends on the brew. So, consult your doctor or dietitian before you prepare to include or cut down anything from your diet chart.

5. Get your weight in check: It is likely that healthy weight would make conception easier. Having a higher than 25 or lower than 18 Body Mass Index makes it difficult for some women to conceive. Losing or gaining weight is advised in order to achieve healthy BMI range. It also gives you the boost you require to conceive. So, calculate your BMI. You can take assistance of doctors/nutritionists/physical trainers is you need to achieve a healthy Body Mass Index.

6. Eat right: What you eat is really important when trying to conceive, so make sure that your diet comprises of all the necessary nutrients. Increase consumption of fresh vegetables, whole grain foods etc. Also incorporate products rich in calcium and protein in your diet. Raw eggs can increase the risk of salmonella so it is advisable to avoid it before and during pregnancy.

7. Create an exercises regime: If you are required to achieve a healthier BMI then your doctor will prescribe some exercises for you, however if not, then also you can consult your doctor to customize a healthy exercise program for you that will increase your strength and flexibility.

8. Consider mental health: Life these days has become stressful and can cause issues with conception. Try to avoid stress if possible. Mental health is as important as physical health when trying to conceive. Women who suffer from depression find it hard to conceive as compared to women who are in their sound mental health and are mentally stable

9. Take your financial matters into consideration: Expenses doesn’t increase once baby is delivered. Your expenses will slowly increase as soon as you conceive, so make you are financially ready to take such a big responsibility. If you have health insurance, get in contact with your insurance company to find out what type of parental coverage they provide. Find out what tests your health insurance covers. Many people consider life insurance and other policies as well when they are planning to start a family.

10. Watch your every move to avoid infections: Watch your every action carefully. It is important that your surroundings are clean. Stay away from pasteurized and other dairy products, ideally the milk should be boiled before consumption. Wash your hands thoroughly when preparing meals or eating. If you catch any illness with any kind of rash, it needs to be looked at by the doctor.

11. Have regular intercourse: When trying to conceive, people prefer not to rely on hit and trial method and let fate decide when they conceive. Females normally ovulate 14 days prior to the expected period so ideally have regular intercourse around that time. Some people prefer to take very calculative approach, for which they chart their period and track symptoms to find out their fertile days in every month. In order to find out your ovulation period, you can use ovulation predictor kits. These kits help you detect hormones in your urine or skin or saliva and signal about ovulation.

Wish you luck in your TTC journey and a healthy and happy pregnancy!

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