10 weeks pregnant

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You have now completed ten weeks of pregnancy.

Your baby at this stage (10 weeks)

Congratulations, the baby has now officially graduated from the embryo tofoetus stage. She is going to grow really fast now and will approximately grow to double for her size in the coming three weeks.She is now able to swallow as well as kick and all of the major organs in her body are almost completely developed. Little details are now beginning to appear as well, for instance her fingernails and a bit of hair on her head.. The beginnings of teeth can be seen too.

Your symptoms at this stage (10 weeks)

Around now you will begin to notice that your waistline is growing a bit. But it is likely that would not need bigger size clothes for a few more weeks yet.

As the baby is growing, your uterus (or your womb) is going to expand to accommodate her. Your womb would currently have grown to approximately the size of a big orange.It is likely that you are able to now feel your uterus right above the centre of your pubic bone.

It is likely that you would still be feeling the nausea along with tiredness and a bit of light-headedness. If it gets a bit too overwhelming at times remind yourself that in a few months you will have your bundle of joy in your arms.

Your life at this stage

Make sure you have fixed future appointments with your Doctor by now. At times there is a lot to cover or talk about at the Doctor’s appointment so to remember all of it, it is a good idea to make a list of questions beforehand.

Somewhere betweenten weeks and thirteen weeks plus six days of your pregnancy, your doctor will call you for a dating scan. The primary reason for this scan is to get a better idea about timings and find out more definitively the number of weeks passes in your pregnancy. This also helps in estimating the due date. In this scan the doctor will also check your baby’s development and could tell you now if you’re expecting twins or more.

Important things to keep in mind

  • Apart from the dating scan, there can be other tests which your doctor might feel are needed to ascertain the baby’s growth.Between eleven weeks and thirteen weeks plus six days, your doctor could also advise you to go for a nuchal translucency scan. This scan is to screen for the risk ofDown’s syndrome.
  • In case the screening test ascertains that you are in the higher risk group for Down’s syndrome, your Doctor might advise you to take Chorionic villus sampling (CVS). It is an accurate antenatal diagnostic test and could detectDown’s syndrome and other abnormalities more definitively. This test usually takes place between 11 to 14 weeks.