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10 tips for raising a confident girl

10 tips for raising a confident girl
June 17
12:43 2013

Girls today are straddling in two worlds- one in which they are given respect and they are valued for who they are and another in which, they are considered as sex objects, they are being sexualized at a younger and younger age. In such instances, raising a confident and smart girl is essential, so she can take care of herself and is able to live her dreams without getting a feeling confident that she isn’t less than anyone. When raising a girl child you have to take care of number of things and ensure that you not only make her feel good about her appearance but also let her realize her inner strengths and capabilities.

Here are some tips that you can use to build your daughter’s confidence for the tricky years coming ahead:

  1. Encourage boldness: Teach your daughter to say what she feels to adults and stand for her rights. If another child is being harsh to her or she doesn’t like how he/she is behaving with her, encourage her to say, “I don’t like how you talk me”.
  2. Be particular in compliments: Use strong examples when you tell her that how pretty or smart she is. Your words mean a lot to her and as everybody knows girls are more sensitive as compared to boys, so make sure you give nice compliments. Instead of just saying “good work” say, “you are very smart with calculation”.
  3. Make your praise realistic: Gradually your little girl will know that where she needs improvement. She will realize that she not a mathematics genius or the best singer in the world, so don’t say that she is. She will appreciate it far more if you instead notice and comment on things where she needs improvement.
  4. Help her understand why she sometimes gets left out: Make her understand that it’s okay not to get invited in all birthday parties or to join in every get together. Explain her that when another child says, “you can’t play,” it is more likely because of his/her bad mood than with your daughter as an individual.
  5. Encourage her to play sports: At school these days, girls can play anything from cricket to basketball. Don’t decide which sports she should play. It is much better if she choose herself. By indulging in her favorite sports, she will be more enthusiastic to play. Her association with sports will do wonders for her confidence and persona. Also it will help her stay fit and healthy.
  6. Encourage competence: It is important that you let your daughter find a solution to a game or puzzle or sometimes real life incidences on her own. This will make her feel a real sense of success if she solves it. She will also feel that she is much more capable than she knew. So, don’t be too quick to lend a helping hand.
  7. Don’t make assumption about her weakness and strengths: Only because your child is a girl doesn’t mean she will excel at reading tests and will struggle with mechanics. It also doesn’t mean she won’t be interested in going to adventurous trips. Follow her signs to nurture her strengths and assist her in improving her weakness.
  8. Help her love her appearance: With Bollywood movies, videos, magazines and advertises, all promoting images of women looking flawless, thin, fair and sexy, it is no wonder girls are becoming more concerned about their appearance. Since very childhood they start applying make-up to look pretty. So make sure you teach her to love herself from the very childhood and don’t praise other girls in front of her for their color or height or physique, or she will start comparing herself to them and will feel bad if she lacks those physical attributes.
  9. Prepare her for sexism: Even today, lots of people think that girls can’t do a number of things that boys can. Girls generally ask questions like that, why all superheroes magazines or movies are there and no girl has ever been presented as a super girl, then teach her about how things are different in real world. Emphasize to your daughter that nothing is impossible for her just because she is a girl.
  10. Give examples of positive female role models: Never miss an opportunity to show your daughter that women can do anything and they can reach heights too. Give examples of women who have made significant contribution in various fields including media or entertainment industry or science and technology. Make her read books with strong female characters.

 Always encourage her, boost her strengths, and teach her to love herself for who she is.

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