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10 tips for limiting screen time for children

10 tips for limiting screen time for children
October 29
05:44 2015
  1. First and foremost you need to be a positive role-model for the child in this aspect. How much time do you actually spend in front of the screen or phone? Make sure you also do not sit idly by the TV for long hours as well. Children tend to do as they see.
  2. Try to be active and encourage your family to be active. Go swimming, try ride bikes, go to a park or walking as a family. If there are no parks nearby try walking/ cycling in your colony. Try to find things to do together that do not involve a mobile, iPad, computer or TV.
  3. Tell your kid about the importance of moderation in all things and why is it bad to spend too much time on TV or IPad.
  4. Decide you want to keep a screen-time limit for the kids, some parents feel it’s a good idea whereas some want their kids to work it out themselves. However, if you decide to keep a time limit, explain the reason to the child and make sure you enforce it consistently.
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  6. Keep the same rules for yourself. If its one hours TV time for them – then it needs to be the same for you.
  7. If you are worried that maybe your family spends too much time in front of the screen try keeping a family screen time diary for a few days. Then discuss together about what it reveals about the habits of each individual.
  8. Take some time to think it over before you agree to get the kids a computer, or TV in their bedroom. Many parents feel that they will never allow and many a times those who allow it regret it later. Discuss the rules first before getting a screen for their room.
  9. Try to avoid TV during family meals. Make a rule about no mobiles/ tablets at the dining table – for anyone, and that includes the parents as well.
  10. Never use 'no TV' or 'no tablet time' as a reward a punishment as it will tend to make it even more precious.
  11. Discuss with your kids about what they are watching on the TV or computer. Talk to them about internet safety. Tell them about advertisements and why they are created and designed to make the viewer think that the product is important or special.
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