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10 tips to cut down sugar intake

10 tips to cut down sugar intake
August 01
11:47 2014

When it comes to healthy living, excessive sugar in the diet is not a great idea. However, not every individual consumes excess amount of sugar, few consume sugar in moderate amounts, and many are eating tons of it, without even realizing. Consuming sugar in moderate amount is okay but excess sugar could hurt you in several ways. Sugar can damage your heart; increases belly fat and has many more such effects.

Now when it comes to cut down the sugar intake, you not only have to stay away from the white stuff. Remember it is not just the sugar in your tea or coffee, surprisingly sugar can be hidden in large amount when you least expect its presence. As a result, it becomes essential that you watch out your daily diet. Here are some tips that will help you cut down sugar intake and maintain a healthy living.

1. Cut down on processed and packaged foods: pizza crusts, soups, spaghetti sauces and even salad dressings contain sugar. Try to buy foodstuff with the minimum amount of packaging as possible. Spaghetti sauce contains 8-10 g of sugar per half cup, so keep this in mind before you pour it in your plate.

2. Eliminate fruit juice and fruit drinks: While real fruit juice has lots of antioxidants and vitamins, they are also a source of fructose. Excess consumption of fructose can directly start showing on your body. Children’s juice boxes and juice cocktails generally only contain 10% or even lesser real juice and the remaining products are high fructose manufactured sweeteners like corn syrup.

3. Eat wholegrain food products: Eating things in a state as near to natural as possible can help limit your sugar intake. Exchange white carbs with whole meal or wholegrain whenever possible.

4. Control sugar cravings: There are various ways to control sugar cravings. Try to eat small meals throughout the day, drink lots of water and try to include lots of protein in your diet. Increased protein in your diet make you feel satisfied for longer and assists in controlling your blood sugar level and in turn cravings.

5. Chocolate lovers try going dark: Dark chocolate has lesser sugar than white or milk. So, when desperately want to gulp a bar of chocolate, eat dark chocolate. It will also give you a cocoa hit and has plenty of health benefits too.

6. Choose yoghurt that is right for you: Yoghurt is a healthy choice that works good as a snack as well as a meal. Varieties of fruit flavors of yoghurts have different levels of sweetness, so choose one that is healthier for you.

7. Avoid breakfast cereals: Many breakfast cereals are high in sugar. Some contain up to 37% of sugar, so try switching to lower sugar cereals such as porridge.

8. Understand your sugars: There are many types of sugar including but not limited to lactose, glucose, fructose, dextrose, and maltodextrin. Read the labels of food products before buying to know what you are consuming.

9. Try to make your own breads: If you have a bread machine or time, try to make breads on your own instead of buying loaves from the supermarket.

10. Chew on it: If you just have to have something at the end of every meal, try chewing your favorite gum. This will not only help you keep yourself away from jar of candies but you will have a minty flavor as a bonus.

So, next time when approaching something to eat, make sure you keep these tips in mind to limit your sugar consumption.

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