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10 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

10 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas
May 29
06:19 2015

Gone are the days when packing a lunch box for kids used to be a matter of a minute and there are several reasons underlying this change in situation which is creeping in slowly but undeniably. A lot has to do with the contemporary lifestyle wherein everyone including moms is in a rush and hence lacks the time to ponder over the child’s lunch box. Another change that has occurred pertains to the eating habits of children wherein there is a distinct deviation from the traditional options which had been taken for granted during yesteryears.

Thanks to increased activity levels of children, it is but natural for any parent to be concerned about nutrition, especially since research has proved that lunch at school accounts for as much as one-third of nutrition-intake of children. With the intention of rendering this otherwise stressful aspect easier for you, following are some ideas that could result in a healthy and interesting lunch box for your child –

Power-packed fried rice – If you have some leftover cooked rice in your refrigerator, then all that you need to do is chop some carrots, onions and beans with green peas and tomatoes being optional ingredients. All vegetables are fried in a bit of oil and seasoned with salt, soy sauce and whatever flavors your child prefers. On being cooked, you would need to add the rice, check the seasonings once again and dish it out in your child’s lunch box.

Italian sandwich – Within two halves of a sandwich roll, arrange tomatoes, salami, cucumber, olives and shredded cabbage if your child does not object to it. The inner faces of the sandwich roll could be smeared generously with mayonnaise, flavored with yellow mustard and covered with thinly shredded lettuce. As a result, the outcome is both yummy and wholesome, thus meeting the objectives of a school lunch box.

Indian breads with accompaniments – Poori is one of the Indian breads which is loved by children and is a perfect choice for lunch box because it retains its freshness even after several hours. It could be accompanied by a chick-pea side-dish, vegetables or even pickle for the lunch box to take on an interesting twist.

Pasta in tomato sauce – This is one of few options that are laden with nutrients and are delicious too. While tomatoes account for much of the nutrition value, it could be supplemented by adding vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms, baby corn and so on.

Noodles – Once cooked, noodles can be tossed with thinly sliced carrots, capsicum and onions and seasoned with salt and chili sauce to create an appetizing yet nutritious snack that children would love to have during lunch.

Kidney beans – Storehouse of proteins, kidney beans can be served in a variety of ways, all of which are suitable for being carried in the lunch box. These could be sufficiently cooked and transformed in an instant by adding a few ingredients like chopped onions followed by a liberal sprinkling of lemon juice. Or how about a gravy preparation which would go well with rice?

Pita bread – A truly filling option is a pita sandwich wherein the whole wheat pita bread is slit along its length, lined with a sufficiently thick layer of cheese within and stuffed with cucumber and spinach leaves. It is also possible to add shredded chicken to this recipe provided there is no danger of the food getting spoiled by the time the bell for lunch goes off at school.

Aloo/cauliflower paratha – Stuffed parathas not only fulfill the body’s need for vegetables but also remain fresh for longer durations, thus being ideal as lunch box options. These could be accompanied by pickle and some curd as long as the latter does not spill out while being carried to school.

Corn fritters – Into a pancake batter, add steamed corn, some grated cucumber and salt. This is then deep-fried in oil to form medium sized fritters which can then be served with a suitable dip.

Egg rolls – Egg rolls, with or without stuffing, are excellent lunch box options courtesy of their high nutritional value, filling nature and ease of preparation. When accompanied by a fruit or some curd, this could turn out to be your child’s dream come true lunch box option.

No matter what you pack in your child’s lunch box, a must-include is a bottle of water and an extra box of tidbits just in case the child wishes to munch on his way home.

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